Wednesday, 29 September 2010

30 Day Blogging Challenge - Day 1 - Something I hate about myself

Inspired by my gorgeous daughter Leigh, I decided I'd take part in the 30 Day blogging challenge too - find out more about it here.

Day 1 Challenge: Something you hate about yourself

There are lots of things I don't like about myself but I'm not sure there's anything I hate!

I don't like:

- my impatience
- my lack of tolerance
- the size of my backside ;)
- how messy I am at times
- my addictive personality
- my at times very short temper

I suppose if I have to choose something to hate I'd choose my 'all or nothing attitude'.

When I decide to do something I'm very full on - if I'm planning on going somewhere it has to be done now, if I've decided to concentrate on work then nothing will stop me, if I'm having fun then it's all out hell for leather fun.

This comes in handy sometimes - I decided we should move to France and 4 months later here we were - when I decide on a special offer for my business, 2 minutes later it wil be on my website, if I want to go away this weekend the hotel and travel will be booked before anyone has a chance to argue.

However, it leads to one of the things I don't like - my impatience. I don't 'get' how other people need to spend time weighing up options, making decisions, planning and planning and planning.

When you live with someone who is a planner and a ditherer, having an all or nothing impatient attitude can lead to some rather explosive rows, I can tell you ;).

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