Saturday, 25 March 2017

Swagbucks - paying Mastercard into Paypal to make more of your Swagbucks

*** STOP PRESS! After feedback from members of our Facebook group (thanks Kelly!) it seems that there are no longer any fees to pay Mastercard into Paypal if you add the Mastercard as a payment card on one Paypal account and then pay using it into your main Paypal account. So you need 2 Paypal accounts with different email addresses***

If you're a Swagbucks member, you'll know that at the time of writing it costs 800 swagbucks to get a £5 Paypal voucher. However, due to the current sale, it only costs 700 swagbucks to get a £5 virtual Mastercard.

So it makes sense to get a Mastercard, right? But what do do if you want to put the money in your Paypal account? Well thankfully, it's easy :)

Once your Mastercard details come through from Swagbucks, you'll need to verify it with your name and address.

Once you've done that you'll be given the details of the card (I've covered my details up in the pic below)

Now, to add this to your Paypal account you'll need:

1) A Paypal account
2) An email address that is different to your Paypal email address

You can set up a second email address through Gmail or something quite easily.

Now, log into your Paypal account and find 'Request Money' - depending on whether you have on older or newer, personal or business Paypal account will depend on where you find this.

Mine is in Money --> Send or Request Money:

Then click on request money from a friend or customer (or similar):

On the next screen input your second email address and the amount you want to request.

Log out of Paypal.

Now, go to your second email account and pick up the email that will have been sent:

Open up the email and click on Pay Now:

Now, and this is the important bit - DO NOT LOG IN TO YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT!

Click on 'Pay without a Paypal Account'

This will take you to a screen where you can choose to pay via credit / debit card - input your Mastercard details and pay the request.

Upon logging back in to your Paypal account, you should now see your payment:

Note that there is a fee of 37p per five pounds (if anyone knows a way around this please let me know) but, bearing in mind you've saved 100 swagbucks which is about £90p, you're still a few pence up :)

*** STOP PRESS! After feedback from members of our Facebook group (thanks Kelly!) it seems that there are no longer any fees to pay Mastercard into Paypal if you add the Mastercard as a payment card on one Paypal account and then pay using it into your main Paypal account. So you need 2 Paypal accounts with different email addresses***

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Thursday, 2 March 2017

How to reach your second goal on Swagbucks with very little effort and minimal risk

If you're a Swagbucks user, you're probably familiar with the 'Daily Goal' aspect of the site. This is shown at the top of your screen when you're on the desktop version of the site, and has a 'first' daily goal and a 'second' daily goal.

The first is usually fairly low - if you're new it could be as low as 40 or 50 swagbucks - and the second a higher target. The more you do on Swagbucks, the higher your second daily goal will be, but the first is usually easily achievable.

For example, today my first goal was 105 - and this is my second:

My second goal is 800, and if I get it, I'll get a 76sb bonus at the end of the month. Reaching goal for 7 days in a row adds on an extra 25sb bonus, 14 days a 100sb bonus, 28 days a 200sb bonus and 28 days a whopping 300sb bonus, so it's well worth reaching at least your first daily goal every day. 

I've been on Swagbucks since 2012 (although only using seriously since 2016), so a lot of the offers in Discovery that pay big swagbucks are no longer available to me, or I have to spend in order to get them and I don't like spending money to earn money ;) (There are exceptions to this rule and I'll post about this another time)

However, thanks to the Swagbucks and other money making apps / sites group that I set up on Facebook, I've come across a great tip for making goal fairly quickly, fairly easily and with very little risk.

Make Swagstakes work for you

Swagstakes is Swagbucks' mini gambling area on the site. Usually I ignore it, as I cling to my SB fairly hard :)

But, there is a fairly low risk way to wager swagbucks - you won't increase your sb total in the examples I'm going to use, but you can reach goals and snag those all important bonuses.

I'm going to walk you through the process right here.

First, pop on over to Swagstakes - it's in the left hand menu under 'Contests' or you could click on if you're already logged in:

Once in the Swagstakes screen, you'll see many options - my advice is to ignore them all - it's tempting, but that's not what we're concentrating on here.

Click on the link that says 'Limited Entries' (I've bookmarked the page which is at ):

On the next screen you're looking for the entries that only have 3 chances available - this means that only three entries are accepted, and then the prize is drawn. I've circled (kind of!) the 2 that I use - one is to win 50sb and one to win 100sb.

Let's take the 50sb game here - each entry costs 25sb. If you buy one entry, you have a 1 in 3 chance of winning. If you win you have spent 25sb and gained 50, which is good. HOWEVER if you snag 2 entries, one after the other, you have a 2 in 3 chance of winning. You'll spend 50 sb and if you win, gain 50sb, so no overall gain in your total SB, but the 50 WILL count towards your daily total.

So, let's grab one entry:

Snag the first entry, which will ask you to confirm and then take you to your swagstakes screen where your entry will show:

Click on that entry to snag another entry:

The key here is to be quick and get two out of the three before anyone else jumps in. Once you have 2 entries, just wait:

Many time you will win: 

You can do this multiple times to build up your daily goal total.

**Edited to add** Here's my final total for today:


You will not win every time. Sometimes, even though the odds are in your favour, you WILL lose. See my luck so far today below:

I'm 200sb up on my daily total today but 105sb down on my overall total because I lost twice. I'm ok with that because my second daily goal bonus will be worth 76sb at the end of the month, plus hopefully the 300 monthly master when I get 28 consecutive daily goals.

Some days I'm luckier than others, and I only do this when I have a few sb i'm willing to lose. When I've lost 3 times, I stop. Most days I break even on the overall total and reach second goal.

I don't do this every day, but some days it really does help me reach goal.

It's not for the faint hearted, but if you need a few extra SB to reach either goal, it might be worth risking a few SB to see if it can work for you.

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