Friday, 30 June 2017

Swagbucks Swago minitip - ticking off those boxes

If you're having trouble ticking off Swago boxes, here are a few tips:

- if it's the 'attempt a survey' box, remember you have to be actually disqualified from a GOLD (not peanut labs) survey - not just told it's not suitable for you. You need to have started the survey, answered a few questions and then disqualified. I don't know for sure, but I don't think a 'we've hit max capacity' counts

- If it's the 'get a referral' box, search the group for 'referrals' - there are a few threads that will help you, including one I posted that gives a list of searches to do to find Facebook groups you can post on and an example ad

- If it's the 'earn money from your referral' - it doesn't have to be the new referral you get for the above square, it can be any referral - they have to earn 10sb for you to get 1 from them. There is sometimes a delay between them earning and you seeing your 10% and ticking off that box so if you've referred someone you know has done 10sb, be patient :)

- If it's the 'gold survey on a mobile' box, be aware it's a GOLD survey you need, not a peanut labs one and you have to complete it and get your SB. I struggled with this one myself but it ticked off eventually

- If it's the Discover box, read the thread we have for discovers - start from the bottom upwards as they are the most recent. Be aware not all credit instantly (the toro wall ones at the bottom can take up to ten minutes). Make sure you've followed the instructions properly too.

- If it's the swagbutton  one - you need to d/l the swagbutton on a browser, here

If it's a different one, post in the group and we'll try to help!

Monday, 19 June 2017

Prolific checklist - have you done all of this?

If you're signed up to Prolific and a member of our Facebook group then the chances are you've asked in there why you're getting no surveys :)

Here's a quick and easy checklist to go through to make sure you have the best chance of getting / seeing surveys on Prolific and making some easy money.

1) Make sure you're signed up as a Participant, not a Researcher

2) THIS IS IMPORTANT!!! Make sure you have completed your prescreening questions - if you haven't then you won't see surveys as the site has no idea if you qualify for them. I can't stress enough how important this is - 90% of people in our group that say they have no studies have not filled out these questions - they take a while but are vital. Click on the link in green to get to your prescreening questions. (NOTE: These are NOT the same as the initial questions you answered when you signed up - there are LOTS of them and without them, you'll get no surveys) If you are on a mobile and click the above link you may have to scroll down on the page it loads to see the questions.

3) Make sure you check the site regularly - Prolific is slightly unusual in that the site doesn't email you when studies are available, you have to check in regularly. (Also see Hannah's Distill web monitor post in the FB group as this will alert you to studies if you're online on a PC/laptop/Mac)

4) Keep an eye on the Facebook Group - members often post when they see studies come up on Prolific and you can then check to see if they're in your Studies area.

5) Recheck your Prescreening questions every so often - depending on new surveys, new ones come up all the time so it's worth checking in every few days to see if you have any new ones.

6) If it's been a couple of days and you've done all of the above, yet still have no studies, then it is worth contacting Prolific. It seems that occasionally an account gets put on unofficial 'hold' and the only way to give it a kick and start getting studies through is to contact Prolific direct. You can do this via the 'Contact Us' button on the top right on the desktop version of the site.

A few other questions we get asked:

How long does it take for study fees to be approved?

This depends - some studies are approved immediately, some take a few weeks, others anything in between. If your fee hasn't been approved after 21 days, Prolific will automatically approve it for you.

What's the minimum cashout?

Minimum cashout is £5, but there will be fees. Above £20 there are still fees on Paypal, but no fees on Circle. Fees are detailed on the cashout page (best to check there for up to date fees as they may change)

How long does cashout take?

Again, anything from a couple of days to a week or so - I've not had any payout go more than 8 days

How much can I earn?

Depending on how many surveys you get, this could be a good earner. From mid March to now (22nd June, I've made over £221. Others have made more, so it's well worth doing.

If you're not a member of Prolific, sign up now - if you have a question I've not covered, post in the comments below or over on the FB group.

If you like Prolific, consider signing up to Mintvine - easy surveys available every day and cashout at 1000 points -

VYPR app for Android & iPhone - a quick FAQ

Over on our Facebook group we're often asked questions about the iPhone and Android app VYPR - here are a few along with answers usually given in group, in order to keep everything in the same place for future reference.

I can't find the VYPR app, can you send me a referral link?

There are no referral links available for VYPR at the moment, and it does seem quite difficult to find in app stores, so here are the links you need to download the app:

VYPR on Android
VYPR on iPhone

How much are the points worth?

10,000 points is £5 via Paypal

How long does it take to get £5?

That depends - the first lot of 10000 points is usually pretty quick (a few days / a week) and after that it slows down slightly, but people are still cashing out £10 - £20 a month and it's pretty easy so well worth it.

What is a steer?

VYPR call their survey questions 'steers' - a steer can be worth anything from 10 points to 100 points.

I have no steers - why?

Steers come and go, there is no system to it. The best thing to do is swipe down on the app a couple of times every time you open it in order to see if you have any steers available.

What is an instore steer?

These are steers that need you to be in or near a particular store in order to answer questions. Other than that they're the same as other steers.

Do I have to buy anything for instore steers?

No, you don't need to buy anything. Just answer questions whilst being in or near the store in question.

How long does payment take once I've cashed out?

Payment to Paypal could take anything between a few hours and 7-10 days or so - be patient and remember that if you cash out at the weekend the chances are your payment won't be received until during the week - app employees are allowed weekends off too! Also note that you don't get an email confirming cashout.

How do I get in touch with VYPR customer service?

They can be contacted on email at

They also have a Facebook page here -

If you like VYPR, also consider Attapoll, another mobile app with quick and easy surveys - 


Any question you have not answered? Pop it in the comments below or post in our Facebook group and I'll add it to the list!

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Swagbucks minitip - autorun nCraves

Swagbucks nCraves - if you have a laptop / PC you can get a few extra SB by running nCraves. I tend to only run the ones that autorun and either leave them running in another window (hovering my cursor over them in between doing other stuff to keep them running) or leave them running with the cursor in the window while I make coffee / have breakfast etc. The images here show you:
1) Autorun ncraves to choose

2) Another autorun ncrave

3) Tick this box to activate autorun

4) you should see this

Then just let them run!
Sometimes the autorun ones only show up once, sometimes they show more than once. Not going to make you hundreds of SB but it does add up and you can run alongside Watch and the phone apps.

Want more tips? Come join us in our Facebook group!