Saturday, 19 June 2010

Starting The Dukan Diet in earnest - eek!

I tentatively started the Dukan Diet a few weeks ago, and promptly lost half a stone in about 5 days - but I wasn't following it as well as I should, and a few trips to various restaurants, and a UK shopping trip means I've let it drop by the wayside.

This weekend I've finally read the book properly, planned out menus for next week, joined the Facebook fan page, and joined up at the Dukan website.

Here's an Amazon affiliate link to the book I bought - it explains the diet very well and gives some recipes and menu plans, which are very helpful:

You can get personalised daily email coaching on the website, and it's very tempting to sign up, but they want to charge me £194 (cost is based on how much weight you have to lose, how long it will take, etc) and as there's no monthly payment options I've decided to give it a miss for now. I may sign up in future though if I struggle - but I kind of object to shelling out almost £200 for someone to tell me what I can read in the book that cost me less than a tenner!

The first 5 days of the diet will be protein based only, so no veggies, no sugar, no carbs and no alcohol - eek! 2-3 litres of water a day (shall I set up office in the toilet?), and 20 minutes of walking. I'm supposed to eat oatbran but ironically (as the Dukan Diet is named after the FRENCH doctor who invented it) I can't find oatbran here in France so have had to order it online and have it delivered.

I've also ordered the French version of the recipe book, but here's a link to the UK version as most of my readers are in the UK :)

I'm not going to turn this blog into a diet blog, but I will be posting about my efforts occasionally, as well as sharing menus and recipes both here and on Facebook. It keeps me accountable as well as giving me something to write about!

So, wish me luck - according to the website, I can reach my 'true weight' (I want to lose 4 stone) by November at a good and healthy pace, which is fine by me!


  1. think you are nuts - have had a look at it and seriously think it is wrong - and as it shows itself as a way of life not really a good model for BB O

    (in my opinion)


  2. have you looked at it PROPERLY Katie? After the initial phase it;s meat / fish and veggies, as well as fruit, wholemeal carbs etc. What's unhealthy about that? No different to any other low calorie / low fat diet I've seen on the shelves.

  3. yes but you still have to do a day a week doing weird stuff - and certain things are banned. My PERESONAL opinion is that everything should be allowed - unless for medical reason. And is up to us to control portion size, drink less pink, eat less processed food and exercise more - which is what BB O will need to hear especially as a girl in this day and age. But on other point have you tried the bio shop in Arques for your son d'avoine

  4. ve you read the book? I've read it cover to cover twice, and nowhere does it say things are banned forever. I've just rechecked and the final eating 'plan' is exactly as you have said:

    - control portion size
    - drink less pink
    - less processed food
    - exercise more

    It's not in those words, but it's what it advocates. Yes, he does say do 'protein thursday' every week, but apart from that it's no different to any healthy eating plan we would recommend to our kids - plenty of veggies, protein and dairy, low amounts of bad fats, low sugar and sweets and treats in moderation (he actually advocates twice a week but I wonder who sticks to that by the time they've lost weight LOL)

    Anyway, all O eats right now is milk - I think SHE'S a bad influence on me, hardly a varied diet is it? ;)

  5. personally I'm not convinced... but if you are mad enough to do it now is the time. Mark and I lost weight after Sam because he ate at different times to us (and frankly different stuff - lentil curry anyone!!) but now we have the quandy of wanting to and NEEDING to loose weight but how to manage it in front of the children, where the emphasis is (apart from me and fish) we all eat the same thing.....
    If you look in Lionel waiting room - it tells you all what to do

    Any if you want to exercise - from next week when my school kids have stopped beating each other (yes really) I am getting back on the bike again - 10km EVERY DAY as the boys will be going to club (unless it is rainy) - i am really only a fair weather sports peroson

    speaking of club have got to go and fill out the forms - bash on enough about it on FB but havne't done mine LOL

  6. also makes it difficult for us to invite you and small children for lunch - now doesn't it????


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