Monday, 14 June 2010

What i've been reading recently

I've become an avid blog reader, as I'm naturally a nosey person and love to find out what's going on. Some of the blogs below are from clients, some are just random blogs I've come across while mooching around:

Father's Day

It's on June 20th this year in case you didn't know, and it's nice to see so many bloggers embracing the day and using it to promote themselves and others.

The Card Company has a nice blog post featuring the things they think will make the best Father's Day gifts - all from their own ranges of course, but what Dad wouldn't be chuffed with a bottle of personalised whiskey?

The Football

I really can't convey how much I detest football, and how bored I am with all the World Cup 'promotions' dropping in my inbox, but I did smile at this football game from eMarket2, that I found out about on Twitter. It's quite addictive, and you can have it branded with your company details, so I guess it has a business use too.


It's always nice to read good things about clients, so I was really happy to receive the lastest lot of testimonials for Riverbanks Clinic, especially the Vaser Lipo ones. Some of them are being posted on the Riverbanks Blog, so do check them out if you're considering this rather effective non cosmetic procedure.

Coronation Street

I know, I know, but I love Corrie and really miss it since we moved to France. Unfortuunately the Itv website has stopped doing picture catchups, and the videos don't work over here, so I was happy to find an unofficial Coronation Street blog that has catchups, previews and articles on my favourite UK soap.


I was invited to join a new community for English people living in France, so have posted a couple of blogs over there and read loads more - it's always good to read what others have experienced, and to help out where I can!

I think that's enough for now, but what have YOU been reading over the past few days?

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