Thursday, 17 June 2010

French Nikki, meet English Nikki

Chatting to my friend Katie last night over a couple of glasses of wine, it occurred to me that I'm somewhat two faced.

I don't mean that in a bad way, I mean that there's an "English" Nikki and a "French" Nikki.

See, in English I think I'm quite witty and quick. Obviously I'm fantastic company, or the aforementioned Katie wouldn't be seen dead with me, much less let me share her wine ;). I'm quick, I'm VERY sarcastic, and can be a bit of a bitch at times (in a bad as well as a good way!). I join in with jokes, start conversations, have a lauigh with friends and can generally hold my own (and anyone else's for that matter).

In French I'm meek and mild, quiet, speak when spoken to, don't have the confidence to make jokes or say anything in case it's the wrong thing, etc. I'm like a diluted version of me.

I often wonder if my English friends met the "French Nikki" what they would think of her - I'm sure they'd find her a bit of a disappointment, and vice versa if my French friends met the English Nikki - I don't think they'd know what to do with her!

I wonder how long it will take for my two sides to combine and beome the 'Whole Nikki'? Or if indeed it will ever happen?

In the meantime I'm glad to have Katie around to vent my Englishness at and a welcome return to being the 'Real' Nikki :)


  1. I lived in France for 20 years and I found that the two never actually met, they cohabit. I came to having a French me and English me (and still do).

  2. Thanks Mike, I thought that would be the case - appreciate having it confirmed! Where in France did you live?

  3. remember that the much maligned Katie has also said that after 7 years and SUBSTANTIALLY better french than you Niks P she too likes to have a chat in english, happy that she is totally understood from th outset - as anyway even when I can tell a joke then french usually get a glazed look on their face and go - "Ah l'humeur anglaise" Anyway missis another week and then I'ill work on your FLE !!

    Bisous Ma Belle

    (Aforementioned Katie)

    ps get skates (and umbrellas on) it's the velos fleuris in 1h25 mins

  4. 10 years in the Parisian banlieue and 10 years in eastern Brittany. Back in Somerset now.

    I found, certainly in Brittany where I had no english-speaking friends, that I created my little corner of Englishness. My partner, who does speak reasonable English, though of me as French and we spoke/speak French all the time. Back here, although my wife is willing, speaks no French but says she understands the way the conversation is going. I do feel piggy in the middle sometimes.

    I feel a blog post coming on!


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