Monday, 12 July 2010

Baby's first moneybox - pot of dreams!

One of the great companies I'm lucky enough to work with is The Card Company Ltd - they provide gifts and cards through the post, even handwriting the cards for you if necessary.

I'm a great believer that all kids should have a money box, so imagine how pleased I was to find the Pot of Dreams, complete with glittery writing saying 'Olivia'. We can't buy many things with her name on (although more than we could ever buy for poor Leigh 18 years ago!) so I do tend to buy things if we see them.

It's completely unopenable without breaking it, so it will have to be really full and ready to spend before we crack it open, and it means she can't steal her own money for sweets of course ;)

I'll be filling it with 2 euro coins so reckon it will hold at least 100 euros, which isn't a bad start to baby's first moneybox.

There are plenty of other Pots of Dreams - ones with names, ones with aims, ones with ages - and they're really inexpensive, so I bought another one too for a certain family member I can't name at the moment as she might read this and it won't be a surprise ;)

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