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Earnings roundup - Feb 2018

So, can you make money from survey and GPT sites? Each month I'll show you what I made the previous month, explain a little about the sites and apps I used, and keep a running total for the year. As this only started in February, you'll have to trust me that in January I made £327.88.

So, February 2018

I had been hoping that February would be a little better than January, as January was a VERY quiet month. Unfortunately a combination of family stuff, work / clients being very intensive, and a general lack of adverts on a lot of the video sites I use, meant it was even quieter than usual.

I tried to stick to my planned 1.5 hours a day, but for at least 10 days in February I couldn't even spare that, so I wasn't holding out much hope for much more than about £50. 

Let's see how things went...


Swagbucks is my favourite site, probably because it was the first one I joined, and it'sthe one I make the most from.. It's mainly video apps, surveys, clicks, offers, trials etc. If their advertisers aren't paying much (and Jan and Feb are notoriously quiet) then there's not always a lot to do. I don't like doing surveys, so I rely on the video apps (which I can leave running whileI do other things) and other parts of the site to earn. Some days in Feb I didn't even get the chance to do that, so I was pleasantly surprised to see that I had managed to cashout £105 in February.

You can sign up to Swagbucks by clicking here. Read how you can get a bonus in March, then sign up using your email address, not the Facebook option.


I love InstaGC because there's a lot of opportunity for passive earnings (ie not having to do anything). I mainly run videos on here, there are 4 streams of videos to run and I run them all as often as I can. There are also surveys and offers, the same as Swagbucks, and a lot of the surveys are short, which I like. 

Again, it was quiet as there weren't many advertisementson the video streams and I had problems running a couple, so I didn't make as much as I usually do. Add to that the days off and I was happy to have cashed out $50 to Paypal, which worked out at £34.91

Yu can sign up to InstaGC by clicking here - if you do, it's worth dropping me a line on Facebook as it can be a little confusing at first and I can help you to get started.

Branded Surveys 

Branded Surveys, which used to be called Mintvine is a bit of an acquired taste these days but I kind of like it. I don't earn as much as I used to from it, but I stick with it because it pays for my Pizza Express addiction.

Like the others, it's surveys and offers - no video options anymore, which means actually DOING something on the site, which is one reasonI don't make as much these days.

In February I cashed out the £15 voucher you see above and another £10, which will clear soon. You can also cash out to Paypal, Tesco, Amazon etc, but I use it purely for Pizza Express for a nice treat every month.

You can sign up to Branded Surveys by clicking here - new members tend to get some good surveys for big points and little effort so definitely worthwhile.

Prolific Academic 

Prolific is purely a survey site, but as it's an Academic site the surveys tend to be really interesting and sometimes even fun. There's sometimes an option to earn bonuses, but in general they're one of the better paying survey sites. The only dowside of this site is that they don't email you when a survey is available, so you have to check the site regularly and as such it's easy to miss out on surveys / studies. Payment ranges from pence per study to pounds - in the past I've done stuides worth £16, £20 and more.

Newbies on here tend to get a lot of studies - in my first month I made over £100. This tapers off after a while, and that, combined with the fact that I didn't have a lot of time to be checking in February meant that I only made £18.10 - must try harder in March!

You can sign up to Prolific by clicking here. Be sure to complete all of the prescreening questions and to check in often.

Minor Earners

I have a few phone apps that I also use that take up very little time, and I can do while in the car (as a passenger!), watching TV, waiting for the kettle to boil, in queues in shops etc. 


Short (4 or 5 questions usually) surveys that pay small amounts immediatelyto Paypal. You'll have to search your app store to find it and it's never going to make you rich but every little helps! Feb earnings - £0.72


A great little app that gives you 'steers' every so often. These are mainly about food and are usually just 1 question at a time. Cashout is at £5 to Paypal. Another one that won't make you rich but it's an extra fiver every month or so, so I keep it. Feb earnings £5

You can find links to Vypr by clicking here.


Another app that sends out surveys every couple of days - there seem to have been quite a few in Feb so I was able to cashout £5.15. They pay to Paypal within a couple of hours.

You can get Attapoll by clicking here - it's pretty straightforward and will alert you when there is a survey available.

Gfk Media

This is a browser add on that pays me £10 every 6 weeks or so per device I have it on. Well, DID as it's now been discontinued. I gained another £10 from it this month - it should have been more but I had deactivated it on a few of my devices. It is being replaced by Nicequest, which I'll be checking out ready for next month.


So that means that February 2018 came in at £203.73 - not that great, but not that bad either. Hopefully March will give me more passive earnings and a higher total.

That's £327.88 in January and £203.73 in February, making a running total of £531.61 so far this year.

Hopefully March will be better!

*Please note that most of the links in this post are referral links and therefore I will receive benefits if you join via my link. That said, so will you in some cases, and it's in my interests to help you make the most of them, so feel free to PM me on Facebook anytime.

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