Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Go retro this Christmas with Little Nut Tree Toys

Go retro with wooden toys for your kids this Christmas
Whether it’s fashion, interior design or music, retro is most definitely the biggest trend of the year, and the same applies to children toys. For many, retro wooden toys have connotations of ‘the good old days’, implying harmless and innocent fun. With parents starting to resist the over-marketed plastic toys, there is a clear return to the more traditional wooden toys this Christmas.
Haba do a fantastic range of traditional yet stimulating and interesting wooden toys for babies, toddlers and young children, making ideal presents for lots of little boys and girls this Christmas. Not just ideal presents for parents to give their own children, Haba toys are great for those wishing to buy something different and interesting for their niece/nephew/grandchild this Christmas.
A great wooden toy for children 1-2 years old is the retro Haba Baby’s First Train, or for a more contemporary alternative, the Haba Bear Voyage Pull Along is equally as fascinating for the little ones. A toy that babies can grow up with, these pull-along retro toys can be treasured by children year after year.
For newborns, often Christmas presents are limited to clothes as they grow so quick, but a retro wooden mobile is a great long-lasting present. Haba have a great range of wooden mobiles, but a favourite is the Haba Flutterlies Mobile which features multi-coloured and patterned butterflies to stimulate the baby’s senses.
Finally, for years the rattle has been the favourite toy for babies, and again Haba has some great retro wooden rattles which make ideal Christmas presents. A great one for baby girls is the Haba Flower Trio which features three wooden flowers that not only rattle but twist and bend. For baby boys, the retro Haba Clutching Toy Kastagnetta is a vibrant rattle which is designed to encourage music and sensory perception.
The wooden retro toys by Haba are all designed to not only be long-lasting and hard-wearing, but also a way to stimulate and educate little boys and girls, so why not make this Christmas a retro one with Haba and Little Nut Tree Toys?

Disclaimer: Little Nut Tree Toys are a client :)

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