Monday, 29 November 2010

He's old, he's smelly, he's cantankerous... but I love him

No, I'm not talking about my partner, or even my dad - I'm talking about my car.

For as long as I can remember I've wanted to own an old London Cab - which is easier said than done when you have to import and register it in France, where not only do they insist on MOUNTAINS of paperwork, but also have no idea what one is and so require even MORE paperwork to get to the right paperwork - who says we can live in a paperless society?

Last year I finally found one that I could afford, and duly brought it over to France - it's taken me until now to sort out paperwork, and we're still not out of the woods.

Called Joe (le Taxi, of course), he proudly sits in my garage and ferries me around our villages and towns, to the delight of the local kids (and adults!) who wave frantically, smile in wonder, or wave threateningly whenever they see me.

He's not perfect by any means, in fact:
  • he never starts first time in the cold
  • the heater doesn't work properly in the front so it's always cold
  • the battery goes flat with alarming regularity
  • the stereo works when it feels like it
  • he's noisy and smelly like a lot of old diesel cars
  • he drinks oil like an old tramp drinks Special Brew
  • the back windows don't lock so I can't leave anything in him
  • he has the smallest boot in the world
But he's mine, and I love him. He has 7 seats, can carry loads of luggage (just not in the boot!)  and has a lot of character.

I'm going to have to buy a more reliable car to go alongside Joe, as he's not at his best in the winter, but alongside my kids and my partner (and Johnny Depp of course), he's the love of my life :)

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  1. awww, Joe le Taxi :)

    Heated seat/massager £30 in the UK, then you wont have to worry about the heater. Fixing the heater can be anything upwards of £300 in a normal car, which means more for your taxi.

    It may be just the thermostat, but instead of worrying about it get a seat warmer. Your back will never ache again!


  2. I used to be a cabbie, many a story to tell from the back seat.

    Quite a few cabbies on Twitter, maybe if you put the word out one of them might be interested?

  3. I too have an old London taxi cab! In fact it's the second one I've owned! I love it, love it, love it! I bought a new stereo for it which was a complete waste of money as you can't hear it over the engine noise! The heater makes a lot of noise for very little gain! I have to de-ice the outside AND the inside of the windscreen! Yep, you're right, the battery does go flat for no apparent reason. Mine also leaks water somewhere through the roof - still trying to find out where it's coming in! The engine's done over 200k miles and the guys who look after it for me reckon it could do the same again, but oh dear! The body work! It failed it's last MOT so badly I nearly cried and it cost hundreds to get it welded back to a legal level!

    Change it for anything else? No chance! Happy motoring


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